searching algorithms

The searching algorithms are used to search or find one or more than one element from a list of elements. For example, consider searching for a word involving “searching” in a book containing 10000 words or search for a book with the name “searching algorithms” in a collection of books, etc.
Every developer job involves searching for some specific data from a bunch of values. This is irrespective of frontend or backend development. In the following series of posts explaining the various searching algorithms with the relevant examples. You even learn how they differ from each other. You can find the implementations in java and javascript.

Naive string search algorithm

Naive string search algorithm is used if we want a string has substring init. Can be used to count the number of times the substring is appearing in main string. This post explains procedure behind naive string search algorithm with examples and implementations in various languages. What are you waiting for get a cup of coffee and go ahead.

Binary searching algorithm

Binary search is a little advanced searching algorithm works only on sorted sets. Binary search reduces the time complexity drastically when compared with linear search keeping space complexity same. Read further to see how this can be achieved.

Linear/Sequential Searching algorithm

The Linear searching algorithm is the first and easiest searching algorithms among all. The process involved in linear search is as exactly as same as how we search for a particular thing in our daily life. This post explains how linear search works and various implementations. Read further to understand it thoroughly.